Water Works and Pipe Rehabilitation

Water Works and Pipe Rehabilitation

Specialising in Drain Cleaning and Camera Survey


High Speed Drain Cleaning

Flexshaft Technology

Drilling through Almost Any Blockage Like Butter:

A simple, yet powerful compact Drain cleaner.

providing an array of Functionality, such as Drain Cleaning, 

Descaling and Brush Coating.

Drain Camera Inspection & Diagnostics

Camera Inspection and

Position Location, with

comprehensive video Presentation

with long term maintenance in mind

we look for economical Repair solutions for damaged Pipes

Trench​​​​less Pipe Repair

recycle & re-use

Pipe Repair & Rehabilitation

Sustainable Drain cleaning and Pipe repair 

Pipe Rehabilitation from within the Compromised line

Oxi Liner Pipe Coating

Oxi Liner Pipe Lining

Potable & Non-Potable

Non-Evasive, Protective Epoxy pipe Liner coatings

Specialised Repairs for Leaking shower bases.

Heavy Duty Pipe Relining for small diameter pipes

Leaking Shower Base Repair
Oxi Coat Protective Shower Base Coating

The Oxi Liner system is designed to shoot a protective epoxy coating into a potable or non-potable

water pipeas a fast, clean repair for leaking or damaged pipes from 15mm to 50mm internal diameters.

Oxi Liner Pipe Epoxy Coating

Oxi Liner uses Industry-Approved Epoxies for both Potable and Non-Potable processes. 

The potable epoxy has been specially developed for drinking water pipes, to easily seal large holes 

or corroded pipe walls. Rapid drying times allow the coated pipe to be used within 24 hours of repair.

The Oxi Liner process uses compressed gas in a cylinder to propel the sandblasting sand and then the

protective epoxy coating, allowing for high portability and low noise levels. The coating process can be done easily 

by a team of 2 and is ideal for environments like hotels, multiple story buildings or roof spaces that could require 

high mobility or quick turnaround time with minimal mess. 

The cleanest, fastest solution for Hidden damaged pipes.

Leak detection & Repair


like THERMAL-IMAGING or ACOUSTIC MICROPHONE to help in locating the source of a leak.

The aim is to pin-point the problem, to allow for the Least Evasive Pipe Repair possible.

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