Drain Camera Inspection, Locate & Report




Concise fool proof reporting

Inspecting and Locating hidden area like Sewer lines and Storm Water systems.

The idea is to present the client with

1) an easy-to-consume Video Report 

Drain Camera Inspection

2) Compiled with footage from exterior and interior recordings taken on site. 

CCTV Pipe Inspection

3) We can include all information regarding the outcome, location and findings from the footage taken.

This Way The Appropriate Solution Can Be Prescribed, With Transparency And Clarity... Simple.

A Typical Camera Inspection Would Entail:

Video Inspection Recording

Using our CCTV Drain Camera, we inspect and record all Internal footage of the pipe system. We also record include External Footage Of The Focus Area to create easily understandable cuts in our video reporting that a written report couldn't achieve alone. 

Optional Pin-Point Location

We can accurately Locate Problematic Areas In  Pipework Using Utilitrack Radio Locator and a Radio transmitter in the Pipe. The drain camera transmits a signal that can be traced, giving us accurate feedback on real time positioning of the camera head at all times. This gives us the ability to pin-point the exact location of any issues we discover during any inspection.

Video Presentation Reporting

We offer a comprehensive Presentation of The Footage In Full Or Bite Size Clips, to allow for easily consumable and transparent reporting - Based On Clients Needs.

Economical Solution Creation

The aim is to collect information that allows us to propose Solutions Based On The Inspection Findings.

A Picture Says 1024 Words!

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