Recycle & Re Use

Pipe Repair & Rehabilitation

Fantastic Drain Repair Technology

Pipe Repair From Within The Existing Damaged Or Compromised Pipe,

Without Having To Excavate And Break Around The Existing Line To Repair 

Drain lining & 

Structural Lining

These are a group of processes that involves the inflation of "Fiberglass" Like Materials inside the damaged pipe being repaired.

The Epoxy soaked Chop Strand or similar material is inflated Inside the damaged line to forms a strong supportive new pipe inside the walls of the damaged line, once the Specialised Epoxy has cured.

Picote Epoxy Brush Coatings

Brush coating is a hugely economical way of lining and restoring the interior walls of existing Damaged or Corroded Pipework.

This literally consists of Brush Coating, (or Painting) damaged or scaled Pipe with Specialised Epoxy from within the pipe. 

A quick and non intrusive Process:


Clear the Drain line or Water Pipe of any obstructions and blockages

Step 2:

Clean and De-Scale The interior pipe walls, Sanding with a Picote Smart Cutter


Once Dry, pump Epoxy into the line using a delivery hose, while using the Flexshaft, (Mini or Maxi Miller) to Coat the interior walls on slow rotation with circular brushes

Step 4:

Use the pipework to it's full capacity once the Rock Hard Epoxy has cured

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