High Speed Drain Cleaning

Flexshaft Drain Cleaning

Flexshaft Technology

Drilling through Almost Any Blockage Like Butter:

surgery equipment for Drains. Coupled with a drain camera, we use Picote millers to cut through and clean the entire pipe to the walls.

This consists of a 10mm to 12mm twisted Steel Rope inside a hard, but flexible sleeve. The Shaft or "Rope" spins at High speeds with a cutting chain at the end, which eats through any tough blockage.  

Clearing Established or Emergency Blockages

Compatible with a High Range of Pipe Sizes 40 - 110

‚Äčcutting chain for the millers unblock Storm Water and Sewer Lines from 40mm diameters upwards to 110mm lines (160mm can also be done).

Versatile Cutting Chains and Drain cleaners

The vast Variety of cutting Chains and cleaning attachments Allows us to remove and clean buildup or Obstruction throughout the pipe interior... right to the pipe walls. The chains and Cleaners expand to the interior pipe diameter, taking everything with it and cleaning the entire pipe.

Chains Chains Chains

A Chain spinning at really high speeds can cut through a surprising amount of stuff! From classic chains "Soft" Chains to the "Brutal" chains equipped with Carbide Teeth, the Miller can eat through the Root Growth or concrete deposits cleaning all the way to the Pipe Walls.

Smart Cleaners and Brushes

Once the pipe is open and Unobstructed, there are a variety of other tools and attachments that give us extra cleaning and sanding capabilities, which takes us to the theme of Pipe Rehabilitation or Trenchless Pipe Repair .

This will come into play for damaged drains that need long term repairs. The aim is to carry out repairs without digging or chopping and getting our tools to multitask where possible.

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